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I may fail you as your friend
& you may fail me as mine.
But I know of a True Friend
who is perfect in ALL His ways-
Never to betray you.
Never to belittle you.
Never to befriend you.
A Friend who Loves ALWAYS.
Understands ALWAYS.
Supports ALWAYS.
He gives great wisdom and will NEVER lead you astray.
So, looking to me or the next person to be your friend, I may fail you.
For I am not perfect.
But, GOD!
God always remains the same.
Perfect in all His ways.

Can I Brag On My Lord?: Should We Move On?


I’ve kept up with the Trayvon Martin saga from the beginning. Like many of you I watched the news coverage, read the articles, and talked about it with friends. It dominated public conversation and provoked a much needed discussion about race in America. The ugly reality of racism was pushed in…

Dude…. Yes. 100% Yes. Trip speaks the truth. Powerful words & a powerful truth. Read This..

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“The Spirit of the Sovereign Lord is on me because the Lord has anointed me to preach the Good News to the poor. He has sent me to bind up the brokenhearted to proclaim freedom for the captives and release from darkness for the prisoners,”

—Isaiah 61:1

Never done…

:) Excited about lunch time…
Brings me back to elementary school when i threw away my packed lunch when I wanted to be cool and eat school lunch…

:) Excited about lunch time…
Brings me back to elementary school when i threw away my packed lunch when I wanted to be cool and eat school lunch…

Goodbye, Lust.

Lust, you are not welcome.
I have a Love that set me free.

Lust, you may not come back.
Your luring will not work because I know what Love is.

Lust, you are blinded & I want you to see,
That your words cannot fool me.

Lust, you had me once,
You had me twice,
I snuck you in,
I gave you my life…

I’m free from you now, Lust,
I pray one day soon that you will see..
& and one day soon, Lust, you will turn and Believe.

Can I Brag On My Lord?: Rap & Religion


For as long as I can remember, hip hop has had an obsession with God and religion. I don’t mean to suggest that all rappers are religious devotees. But few rappers – or any artists for that matter – can shake the urge to include God somewhere in their art. It’s natural and good for us to speak…

Well said, Trip.

(Source: triplee)

A Dark Past.

When darkness creeps, there I AM.
I freely give you words to speak-
My wisdom.
My truth.
My heart.

Darkness can not flee from what’s true.

My light finds all.
It captures.

Darkness cannot deny, but will bow down to who I AM.

God can strategically bring you to a specific place & put you in a specific spot at a specific time for a specific purpose. He will place you in certain lives to speak certain words to open blinded eyes. He is able to do so much more than you could have possibly imagined. Things that you would not ordinarily do. He sets up an ordinary situation to do extraordinary things! You just need to be open & willing.




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